Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's Last Rehearsal Photos

The photos of Michael Jackson on his last rehearsal are unveiled. These photos were taken at L.A.’s Staples Center on Tuesday night, June 23. He looked happy and energetic as he moved his body during the rehearsal for his upcoming comeback tour, which was scheduled next month in London.

Michael rehearsed 10 or 11 songs. King of Pop’s manager, Frank DiLeo called the rehearsal “amazing”. He sang and danced, not always at full power, but the way you do for a run-through. DiLeo added.

"When the show was over, he called me, but I was in the back getting something," DiLeo recalled. "He found me, and said, 'Frank, I am so happy.' He said he was just so happy. He said, 'This is really our time.' He put his arm around me."

Recently, New York Post reported that footage from the final rehearsal has already been packaged into a DVD, TV special and album. "We have a live album in the can," a source from AEG, promoter of Jackson's London concerts, confirmed.

Source: http://www.celebrity-mania.com

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