Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Year 2009 Recap


We started the year with an agreement. My sister and I agreed that every payday we will save money up to the end of the year.


The highlights of this month was when we went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove. The best part was when we went to Baguio City for the first time with my officemates and it was a good timing for us because its Panagbenga Festival or Flower Festival.


Month of graduation, but for me it was only just an ordinary month nothing special happened.

Because I like to travel in different places, I decided to buy a camera to capture beautiful moments. I bought a Canon Ixus 95IS.


David Archuleta and David Cook concert, such a big event. I really love this two performers, I was able to experienced how great artist they was. This month also won my favorite American Idol Kris Allen. I became hooked to twitter. My first movie of the year I’ve watched “Angels and Demons“ amazing movie.

The H1N1 scared. All of us became worried on this virus, even in offices and malls tightened their securities to prevent this virus to spread. This month, it was my first time to entered Splash Island and now I already knew what it looks like inside. The sad part of this month was when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died. The whole world mourned on his passing but his legacy will live forever.


We visited the LSFM 97.1 local radio station and we were able to meet our favorite djs. First time to received a reply from Papa Dan, my favorite dj, I’m so happy when I read that. The much awaited UAAP opening, I’m really a follower of this league, of course cheering for my school was my job. Most memorable moment was when we watched the Boyz II Men concert in Araneta Coliseum. Wow, they we’re so good and incomparable. I also watched Harry Potter and Ice Age with my friends, such a good flicks.
The democracy saint of the Philippines died. The ex-president Cory Aquino ended her battle with the colon cancer. My good friend Lhen just gave birth and she named her little angel “Caleb”. First typhoon came and our house was flooded. For the preparation for the Jabbawockeez show, I bought stuffs worth 1500 which I’m not usually doing to exchanged for some tickets.
The Jabbawockeez moment, we really waited for this event to happen. I was able to watched them in Trinoma mall and Alabang Town Center. I saw them up close and personal and when they performed, it was really worth the wait. I became really addicted to the Jabbawockeez, thanks to twitter we’re always updated. Cheerdance competition was one of the highlight of the UAAP and I really love watching new routines. I was pissed off when Kanye West disses Taylor Swift. I’m really a Swift fan so my heart goes to Taylor. Typhoon Ondoy hitted the Philippines and we’re one of the million of families who victimized by this calamity. Thank God our house have a second floor and no need for us to relocate in the evacuation centers.
Another typhoon came named Pepeng but this time it hitted the Northern Luzon. But because of the damage happened due to typhoon Ondoy, my sister and I live in my Uncle’s house for a month. But before this month ended another typhoon came named Santi and I witnessed how this typhoon break houses because of very strong wind.
I called this month as a recovery month, because this was the time when everything went to normal although our place was still flooded I would say that everything was back to normal. I was also able to watched high standard movies like Michael Jackson’s This Is It, 2012, and the popular New Moon. Manny Pacquiao won to his fight against Cotto which declared him as truly the Pound for Pound King. First Filipino boxer who got a 7 titles. Before this month ended, I bought a Dell inspiron laptop, that will be my birthday gift for myself.
My birthday month, my most memorable birthday ever. Why? Because Phi of the Jabbawockeez greeted me. I’m not expecting it that’s why I was so happy when he granted my request. The group We Are Heroes also gave a birthday shoutout, I also love this group. This was also the Christmas month, we did a Kris Kringle with my officemates and I received such a cute stuffs. Christmas party with my very best friends through the years. Giving gifts for my friends and officemates. Spending my Christmas with my family and relatives. This month, we also watched Avatar, I really love this movie.
This was my year 2009 recap, there were times that were happy moments, there were also sad moments, tragedies and precious moments. There were also times that I considered first time and even though there were some unfortunate events happened there were still good things that came in our way.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Magic 89.9 Year-End Awards

I always listen to Magic 89.9 because you will not be left behind in terms of new release songs locally and internationally. Now as the year end they gave an awards to the deserving artists who did a great impact this year. This are the winners for their year-end awards.

Inspirational Song
Live Like We’re Dying - Kris Allen

Best of Britain Award
Insomnia - Craig David

Break up Song of the Year
Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson

Break up of the Year
Chris Brown and Rihanna

Club Hit of the Year
I Got a Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Dance Move of the Year
Single Ladies - Beyonce

Bump and Grind Song
Birthday Sex - Jeremih

LSS Song
Patron Tequila - Paradizo Girls

Lindsay Lohan Award
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus

Winner Under 21 Award
Love Story - Taylor Swift

Cover of the Year
Man in the Mirror - James Morrison

Soundtrack Song of the Year
Jai Ho - Slumdog Millionaire

Killer Collaboration
Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Concert of the Year
David & David

Album of the Year
All I Wanted - Kelly Clarkson

OPM Song of the Year
Higante - Francis Magalona and Ely Buendia

R&B Song of the Year
Best I Ever Had - Drake

Alternative Song of the Year
Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

Best New Artist

Female Artist of the Year
Lady Gaga

Male Artist of the Year
David Cook

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Project #JMC, Success!

Project #JMC (Jabba Merry Christmas) was successful because Jabbawockeez noticed it and appreciate it. Not only that they posted it to their twitpic account and they twitted that they have the amazing and the best fans in the world. For us, jabba fans it really mean so much and we're happy that they liked it. I will give credit to pinoy_twockeez and roxy, they're the one who thought and made this project possible. We're just submitted our pictures and they did the rest. I'm thankful that I'm part of this project.
Note: I'm the one who's holding the letter O in the word "you" with black and white background.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jabbawockeez Inspired

I always pass by on this store in Glorietta mall going to work. I love looking on their mannequins because I remembered the Jabbawockeez. Why? Because their mannequins was wearing masks with blue and red colors. We all know that Jabbawockeez was known for wearing masks so what comes to my mind was maybe their theme was inspired by the Jabbas. I decided to take a picture of it, but while I’m taking pictures the saleslady told me that it was not allowed to take a pictures. I just said “Ah okay” but I realized why is that I’m not allowed to take pictures? First, there’s no sign that saying that taking pictures is not allowed. Second, foreigners were taking pictures but their not stopping them while me a Filipino told me to stop. Third, they display it there and people saw it, they did that idea to call the attention of the people. But although they stopped me I still have the pictures.


After our Christmas party just with my friends, we decided to watch a movie, its between Avatar and Christmas Carol. Avatar was PG13 so children are not allowed but we have our friend son, he’s only 5 years old so he’s not allowed to enter. So we decided to watch A Christmas Carol. But the problem was the screening time was already ended because there some sort of a premiere night happening. What was left was the Avatar movie. Our friend just decided to went home so that we can watch what we want. So we watched Avatar and we arrived exactly on the beginning of the movie. I’m so amazed on this movie. Mixed with actions, love story and fantasy. I admired the special effects and there’s no dull moments in every scenes. So highly recommended and there’s no regret in watching this movie. Great mind and congratulations to all the people who became part of this movie, special mention to James Cameron, the director.

New Born. New Life

Last November 27, 2009, a new life was born. His name was Benedict. Amidst of flooded places because of all the typhoons in the Philippines, we still have reason to hope like this new life. Innocent like an angel and no problems to worry. I hope all of us have same perspectives like this little angel. There’s still hope after the rain. All the problems that comes in our way have a reason. God gave this problems because he knows that we can handle it, just don’t lose hope and have faith in him.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One World. One Christmas










One World. One Christmas. Rustan's theme for this year. While walking along Ayala Makati, you will notice and will be captivated to all this beautiful mannequins representing different countries. I took some pictures of it to show you how wonderful it is.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" gets an IMAX treatment

Yes it's true, "The Twilight Saga's Eclipse" will be shown in IMAX theaters. The IMAX Corporation and Summit Entertainment joined forces to make this possible. This third installment of The Twilight Saga which is Eclipse has said to be the most action packed. The IMAX treatment for this installment will excite all the Twilight fans because it's something new and it will enhance the colors and every scenes. This film will be released in US on June 30, 2010.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Taylor Lautner as Max Steel

After being a werewolf in a popular movie "Twilight", Taylor Lautner will be playing a superhero in his next movie. He will be "Max Steel" and the producers were eyeing for a 2012 release schedule. But before this movie Taylor was in the power house movie "Valentines Day" to be release on February 2010.

Photo of the day #1

This was a result of being bored while waiting for my sister to got out of the swimming pool. This shot was made in a resort named Splash Island. By using my right foot, I drew a heart shape in the sand and took a picture of it. I'm not an artist or professional photographer but I love taking pictures.

"Kris Kringle" (Something Naughty)

I got a pink headband bunny in our first Kris Kringle. Our theme was Something Naughty and I asked if what's naughty in a headband bunny? They said that it was a logo or costume of the girls in a playboy magazine. If you think of that way, it is really naughty but for me what I see in this was only a child thing.

It's cute and I really love color pink. Some stuff were a blue headband bunny, a lingerie and sexy pig figurine.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Turning 25

The day goes by so very fast. I just remembered my birthday party when I was seven. I'll never forget the times when I'm entering the teenage life. My unforgettable debut party, my graduation and now I'm turning 25. Yes, I'll be 25 years old this coming December 9, 2009. I can say that in my 25 years in this world, I already experienced many things, except for having a boyfriend. Can you imagine that, I'm a member of "NBSB" (No Boyfriend Since Birth"). But that's okay with me, thinking that I have my family by my side I will not be alone. They are my priority and the important thing in my life. Being 25 is not a big deal for me, I'm still the same person that I used to be. I still love Hello Kitty, I idolize Taylor Swift and David Archuleta and I always want to see the Jabbawockeez dance. I can't take away the child within me, honestly I still love watching cartoons and anime. They said that only age become older, being look old is your choice and I believe that. I have long way to go. In my next 25 years I ant to accomplish many things. I want to travel to the beautiful places in the Philippines and outside the country. I always like to be a volunteer in an organization that helps people and that will be my plan for the years to come. I thank God for giving me this wonderful 25 years of my life, for guiding me throughout and I know that I still have a mission to do.

Drained and Exhausted

Doing overtime from work is not easy. Yes, you will earn double or triple of your salary in almost every day overtime but do you think it will paid off? Drained and exhausted, that's what I experienced this week because of consecutive days of overtime. It's started on Monday, actually it was announced as legal holiday but yet we went to work for overtime, what's worst was we extended another 3 hours and it made my head ache. Tuesday, our regular time is 6am - 2pm, because there's an overtime we got off from work at 6pm which means we did 4 hours of overtime. Wednesday, another 4 hours extension, we're having a hard time going home at 6pm because it's a rush hour. Thursday, overtime again, our allocated allowance for one day was doubled and it was a problem in our part, our budget became short this week. Friday, I thought we're save from an overtime but the supervisor of the other group borrowed us to do their project and it pissed me off because we really tried to finish our project early so that we can go h me at 2pm but it was useless. Because of lack of rest and sleep I decided not to go from work the next day to regain my energy for the next working days.

Christmas Is In The Air

The Christmas day is already near, less than 20 days to go for the season to come. You already feel the cold breeze and you can feel that Christmas is in the air. The malls are always packed of shoppers doing their early Christmas shopping. Christmas parties and events happen everywhere. Buying gifts for loved ones always excites me. Christmas decorations are hanged in every house and establishments and it brings joy to the person who sees when the lights are on. Christmas carols always had been background music in every mall. But behind all of this, don't forget that Christmas is the day of birth of Jesus Christ. Gifts and money are only material things what's important is that we celebrate Christmas by sharing what we have and doing things that Jesus taught us. Advance Merry Christmas!

At Last! My New Laptop

After having a hard time choosing between Dell and Compaq, I already made up my mind and chose tobuy a Dell laptop. I got my Dell Inspiron 1440 last Sunday November 30. I preferred a colour black laptopbecause it looks formal and corporate. Aside from a laptop, I also got some good freebies like the SmartBroadband, Optical Mouse and a Laptop Bag, not bad at all. What made me decide to choose Dell? I didresearch and read some reviews about it and I found out that Dell is way better than Compaq. I boughtit in Accent Micro in Park Square Makati and they are the authorized service centre for Dell laptops. Sofar so good, I love my new Dell laptop and I'm satisfied. These are the specs:

Dell Inspiron 14 (Alba)

Intel Core Duo T4200
2GB Memory
320GB Hard Drive
14.1" WXGA Display
8x DVDRW Drive
Bluetooth 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Dell 802.11 b/g
Wireless LAN Vista Home Basic
6-Cell Battery