Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fahrenheit, last leg of World Concert Tour...

After touring for half a year, they will return to Taiwan for their last leg of Fahrenheit world concert tour. They went to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. They choose to leave the last concert to the fans in Taiwan. The 4 guys want to bring the highlights of all the tours and leave the most perfect appearance in Taiwan. Even though they have different commitments, the concert was their first priority. “We put 100% effort!” Fahrenheit said.

Calvin Chen said that when the concert started he felt it was a really hard mission, but after receiving training and practice we’ve finally now completed it. Aaron Yan expressed that because of the concert, they put in a lot of hard work, hoping the audience can feel their seriousness. Wu Chun also said that performing on stage was his happiest moment. Even though Jiro was busy shooting a drama and not feeling well; he still attended the press conference for the said concert because this means a lot to him.

Taipei's concert will be 1000 times spectacular; the 4 will show all their wonderful tricks to fulfill their fans. After the baptism of many concerts, returning to Taiwan, in regards to themselves being in Taiwan's Arena in October, Fahrenheit expressed they have to perform their best to repay the Taiwan fans for their continuous support and encouragement.

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