Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today we’re celebrating Father’s Day. Daddy, Tatay, Papa all this names refers to one person and that is our father. This special day is dedicated to our loving father because they’re truly special. They are our shield, guide and protector. They’re the pillars of our families. They do only the best for the sake of his love ones. They are our shoulder to cry on. They symbolize strength and determination. They give us pieces of advice and teach us how to handle problems. Some fathers are not showy on their feelings but still you can feel the unconditional love towards you. They are not very vocal about it but you can see in their actions. They are really proud when they’re kid achieve something. They are our supporter and they are our number one fan!

Don’t forget that we also had a father up above. The father of all mankind and that is our Heavenly Father. We can express our gratitude to him by following his will and his commandments.

We need to show to our father how grateful we are of having them in our life. Make them feel that they are very important and we can’t live without them. Show them our love and how special they are to us. Follow the things they teach and make them proud!

Happy Father’s Day to my Tatay!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers in the World!

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