Wednesday, June 10, 2009

David Archuleta, Missing High School Graduation

David Archuleta misses high school graduation. He was supposed to graduate with his batch at Murray High School in Murray Utah this week. He said, when he was in American Idol he has a tutor but he couldn’t keep up. He had a hard time working on his high school diploma. Maybe because of his hectic schedules, lots of tours and meetings etc... On his interview on radio station in the Philippines, for him education is very important.

In the meantime, he's working on two CDs: a pop album and a Christmas album. He also releases a Fan Pack Digital Bundle on iTunes last 2 days ago June 9. It includes an unreleased track called “Zero Gravity,” his version of “A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton and a video of a live performance of “Touch My Hand”.

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