Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Year 2009 Recap


We started the year with an agreement. My sister and I agreed that every payday we will save money up to the end of the year.


The highlights of this month was when we went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove. The best part was when we went to Baguio City for the first time with my officemates and it was a good timing for us because its Panagbenga Festival or Flower Festival.


Month of graduation, but for me it was only just an ordinary month nothing special happened.

Because I like to travel in different places, I decided to buy a camera to capture beautiful moments. I bought a Canon Ixus 95IS.


David Archuleta and David Cook concert, such a big event. I really love this two performers, I was able to experienced how great artist they was. This month also won my favorite American Idol Kris Allen. I became hooked to twitter. My first movie of the year I’ve watched “Angels and Demons“ amazing movie.

The H1N1 scared. All of us became worried on this virus, even in offices and malls tightened their securities to prevent this virus to spread. This month, it was my first time to entered Splash Island and now I already knew what it looks like inside. The sad part of this month was when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died. The whole world mourned on his passing but his legacy will live forever.


We visited the LSFM 97.1 local radio station and we were able to meet our favorite djs. First time to received a reply from Papa Dan, my favorite dj, I’m so happy when I read that. The much awaited UAAP opening, I’m really a follower of this league, of course cheering for my school was my job. Most memorable moment was when we watched the Boyz II Men concert in Araneta Coliseum. Wow, they we’re so good and incomparable. I also watched Harry Potter and Ice Age with my friends, such a good flicks.
The democracy saint of the Philippines died. The ex-president Cory Aquino ended her battle with the colon cancer. My good friend Lhen just gave birth and she named her little angel “Caleb”. First typhoon came and our house was flooded. For the preparation for the Jabbawockeez show, I bought stuffs worth 1500 which I’m not usually doing to exchanged for some tickets.
The Jabbawockeez moment, we really waited for this event to happen. I was able to watched them in Trinoma mall and Alabang Town Center. I saw them up close and personal and when they performed, it was really worth the wait. I became really addicted to the Jabbawockeez, thanks to twitter we’re always updated. Cheerdance competition was one of the highlight of the UAAP and I really love watching new routines. I was pissed off when Kanye West disses Taylor Swift. I’m really a Swift fan so my heart goes to Taylor. Typhoon Ondoy hitted the Philippines and we’re one of the million of families who victimized by this calamity. Thank God our house have a second floor and no need for us to relocate in the evacuation centers.
Another typhoon came named Pepeng but this time it hitted the Northern Luzon. But because of the damage happened due to typhoon Ondoy, my sister and I live in my Uncle’s house for a month. But before this month ended another typhoon came named Santi and I witnessed how this typhoon break houses because of very strong wind.
I called this month as a recovery month, because this was the time when everything went to normal although our place was still flooded I would say that everything was back to normal. I was also able to watched high standard movies like Michael Jackson’s This Is It, 2012, and the popular New Moon. Manny Pacquiao won to his fight against Cotto which declared him as truly the Pound for Pound King. First Filipino boxer who got a 7 titles. Before this month ended, I bought a Dell inspiron laptop, that will be my birthday gift for myself.
My birthday month, my most memorable birthday ever. Why? Because Phi of the Jabbawockeez greeted me. I’m not expecting it that’s why I was so happy when he granted my request. The group We Are Heroes also gave a birthday shoutout, I also love this group. This was also the Christmas month, we did a Kris Kringle with my officemates and I received such a cute stuffs. Christmas party with my very best friends through the years. Giving gifts for my friends and officemates. Spending my Christmas with my family and relatives. This month, we also watched Avatar, I really love this movie.
This was my year 2009 recap, there were times that were happy moments, there were also sad moments, tragedies and precious moments. There were also times that I considered first time and even though there were some unfortunate events happened there were still good things that came in our way.

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