Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After our Christmas party just with my friends, we decided to watch a movie, its between Avatar and Christmas Carol. Avatar was PG13 so children are not allowed but we have our friend son, he’s only 5 years old so he’s not allowed to enter. So we decided to watch A Christmas Carol. But the problem was the screening time was already ended because there some sort of a premiere night happening. What was left was the Avatar movie. Our friend just decided to went home so that we can watch what we want. So we watched Avatar and we arrived exactly on the beginning of the movie. I’m so amazed on this movie. Mixed with actions, love story and fantasy. I admired the special effects and there’s no dull moments in every scenes. So highly recommended and there’s no regret in watching this movie. Great mind and congratulations to all the people who became part of this movie, special mention to James Cameron, the director.

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