Wednesday, May 13, 2009

David Archuleta...

Tell me why, you're so hard to forget don't remind me, I'm not over it!

Oh gosh, this song still resounding in my head after I watched the program SIS! The title of the song is "A little too not over you" by David Archuleta. He's the guest for the said show. He's such a cutie, very humble, friendly and he always smile. Some of the singers sang his song and he was amazed that there are lot of talented people here in the Philippines. He also said that they were better than him and feel dumbed to sing after he heard them. He also given gifts by the hosts, of course things that originally made here like the barong tagalog, souvenirs like miniature jeep and a bahay kubo or nipa hut inside the bottle. He's very overwhelmed for the welcome and for the fans who went there. I feel sorry for myself because I can't watch their concert because I have no tickets. But I hope that this is not the last time and I'll make sure that if he will return here I will watch his concert. I know that they will offer a good concert and people will enjoy it.

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