Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Addicted to Hello Kitty...

Hello...Kitty...Hahaha! I admit that I'm addicted to Hello Kitty. I collects Hello Kitty stuff, small, big, anything with Hello Kitty logos. I started collecting when I was in high school because I find it cute and worth to collect. I can't remember what was my first Hello Kitty stuff because it's way back more than 10 years now. But many stuff added to my collection then. I bought some of them and some were gifts by my friends. I like it very much especially the pink ones because that's my favorite color. Some of my collections were, HK radio, wall clock, alarm clock, wallet, watch, lamp shade and many more. My dream is to have my own bedroom full of Hello Kitty stuffs and I know that I can make it and it will come true someday. Watch out for the pictures of my collections. I will upload it here in my blogsite.

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