Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angels and Demons...

A highly recommended movie! We've watched this movie yesterday together with my officemates, Jenny and Ariel! Honestly, I thought that this movie was literally with angels and demons who will fight against each other but I found out that this has a deeper story. This movie was first popularized as a book by Dan Brown and then they decided to filmed it. This material was complicated especially to the catholic religion and what's worst was the killing of bishops and popes and the setting was in the center of catholism which is the Vatican. The effects was great, no doubt for that because they made it as if you're all over Vatican place. But the truth was, some of the settings there was only a replica because they were not allowed to do a shooting to the sacred land. So great on how they connect situations, events, scenes, story and the people. And one more thing, there's a twist at the end part. So before you complain that it was not a good movie to watch because of hearsays, try to see it for yourself before you judged it. Great movie, your 150 pesos is not a waste of money if you see this film. Thumbs up!

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