Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthday Video for Benjamin "B-tek" Chung

Supposed to be my gift for Ben's birthday last July 29 but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it on time. So I decided to post it here in my blog. Just hoping that he might see my work while surfing the net (fingers crossed). Although I really want to make this video as amazing as the other fan-made video, I can't because making videos is not my forte. What I only did in this video was to picked pictures of Ben that I really like, put them together and then chose a song that best describe my feelings for him. Obviously, Ben is my favorite member of the Jabbawockeez and I'm so depressed that i'm not able to give him anything for his special day. I envied Dora because Ben gave him a shoutout on twitter for her dope artwork and videos. I'm just asking myself what if I was able to finish my video for Ben do I also receive a shoutout from him? Well, maybe i'll just reserve this for his next year's birthday and i'll make sure that i'll finish it on time. But i'm still praying that he sees this.

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