Monday, August 30, 2010

"One GOOD Fight"

Adamson Crowd

An avid fan of Alex Nuyles, player of Adamson Soaring Falcons

UAAP is one of the most awaited event every year in college life. UAAP stands for "University Athletic Association of the Philippines" which highlights the athletic abilities and sportmanships of the students from the participating schools. My school was one of the 8 Universities which is the Adamson University.

Adamson's First Five

Ateneo Blue Eagles

We watched the basketball game last Sunday between my Alma Mater Adamson University and Ateneo De Manila University. Big game for both schools to get the second spot for the twice to beat advantage. They also call it as "Aerial Battle" because the moniker of both schools were birds. It's between the "Ateneo Blue Eagles" and "Adamson Soaring Falcons".

Ateneo De Manila Cheering Squad

Adamson University Pep Squad

Eventhough I'm already an alumni I still supports my school in every game. I really love watching basketball live and to cheer for my school. "Win or lose it's the school we choose" I heard this from Ateneo's school hymn. I agree because you must be proud of the school you choose whatever happens.

Adamson Ayudo

Coaches of both teams and the UAAP Commissioner

Unfortunately, Falcons was defeated by the Eagles but I don't feel bad because I know that the Adamson team really did their best. Such a closed fight between the two and I might say that this is one of the good fight so far in the UAAP Season this year. We're still part of the final four and there's a possibility that we're able to face them again. But we'll make sure that this time it will be a different scenario.

During the time out

We lose but it's one hella good fight

I'll never stop supporting my school, I'll never get tired watching the basketball live and shout as loud as I can. It makes me more proud of my university while singing the school hymn after the game. I'm so proud to be an Adamsonian!


  1. congratulations!

    it's been ages since i last watched uaap. dati nung panahon ko pa as tigers...that's way back 90's!

    nice to be back here..see me soon
    life round meNyou

  2. wonder why you're kinda bad trip yesterday..coz your school lose tapos nakita pa natin nung gabi yung kinaiinisan mong player..hehe :))

    anyways, just visiting here friend..been quite a while since i last visited here, ee..i'm trying to be active in my blog again..visit me back if you have time :)