Sunday, August 22, 2010



Were like friends in a ship
Riding on the sea, wide so deep
To sail our endless trip
Which is our dear friendship

You're like a friend in my ship
Who's welcome to sleep in my hips
Whom I will cross my fingertips
And whom I will kiss with my lips

I'm also your friend in your ship
Whom you helped in times of limp
You've made me refrain from my weep
And you've given me secrets to keep

How I wish, this our ship
Will run and not my sink
And will still go better than a jeep
Through times of thin and thick

Remember that our friendship
Is greatest of all ships
Than other's courtship, relationship
And even enterpreneurship and titanic's ship

Maybe, there's a lot of ship
That are aiming for sea's tip
But I assure you my friend
We will first reach the end

We will face the largest waves
We will travel the widest oceans
But we will last with our ship
Coz' we have our captain, Mr. Partnership

Water will float with us
To burn each other's trust
Wind will soon blow us
We will make the current pass

So, get ready the map my friend
We will find the treasure trend
Pirates who's to you pretended
Such those enemies, I'll make you depend

Our journey starts from here
Days and nights, nothing to fear
We own the legal ticket in our ship
The only key to our friendship

By: Jenny Pagdonsolan
April 4, 2000


This poem was made by my good friend Jenny way back in high school. I asked her if she can lend me a copy of her poem. She wrote it on a sheet of paper with her signature and gave it to me. Until now I keep it to my closet together with some highschool memorabilias. Enjoy reading this poem.(",)

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