Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Resigned

Sorry guys if I wasn’t able to update my blog. I’m just so busy these past few days submitting and preparing requirements for my new work. Yes! I already submitted my resignation letter in my current work because there’s a new opportunity that came my way. The time I have spent at my previous employer has been most rewarding and I hope that my contributions to the company have been constructive. I’ll miss my friends there, for good times and bad times, through thick and thin, we’re just like partners in crime. But I know there’s always a way if we really want to see each other. I’m just hoping that I’ll also meet good people in my new work.

“I wish the company luck and continued success and as I leave, I hope that same luck would also happen to me.” This was the last sentence that I put in my resignation letter. I’m just praying that I made the right decision and I’m at the right path in achieving my goals in life.


  1. Estoy segura de que todo saldrá de maravilla y que el nuevo empleo que seguramente conseguiras te otorgará muchos momentos gratos y nuevos compañeros de trabajo que serán muy amables y generosos!
    Besos ♥

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  3. Congratulation to your career move. Don’t stop blogging. Best wish!