Saturday, June 26, 2010


June 20, 2010 we arrived at the airport at around 5:30 am earlier for our 6:45 am scheduled flight. I'm excited at the same time nervous because most of us were first time to ride an airplane.

We rode a bus going to the airplane.

Inside the airplane and i'm still nervous but happy. Our flight took for about 45 mins. going to Naga Airport

We safely arrived at Naga and time to ride a motor boat going to Caramoan Islands

One of the islands that we passed by while sailing. Most of the time of our boat trip we're asleep because we haven't sleep yet.

One of the Islands in Caramoan. I think this was the third island out of the 5 Islands we visited.

The fourth island, I love this picture

St. Michael Church in Caramoan

The popular destination for wakeboarding, the CWC

On our way home and look what I caught, a rainbow, so beautiful.
Our Caramoan Island hopping was an experience. Experiencing the beauty of the world. Experiencing the beauty of nature especially here in the Philippines. I thank God for this wonderful creation and i'm thankful that before it's too late, before everything is gone I was able to see this places.

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