Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Never Shout Never"

Have you heard about this singer called “Never Shout Never”? I just learned about this artist recently when I’m watching the Pinoy Big Brother. One of the housemates named Bret was singing songs which I’m not familiar with and I thought it was his own composition. I just found out that it was a “Never Shout Never” song. So I’ve researched about it and downloaded all the songs.

To give you an idea, “Never Shout Never” is not a name of the band it is an alias of American acoustic pop musician, Christofer Ingle. He’s already a musician and singer-songwriter at the age of 19. His music genres are acoustic and pop. He plays instruments like guitar, ukulele, programming, piano, keyboard, percussion and bass. He signed in Warner Bros. Records. Some of his songs were Bigcitydreams, 30days, Happy, Trouble, What is Love, I Love You 5 and Can’t Stand It.

I think I’m already a fan of this artist. He has a unique style and own identity for his music. I honestly love his songs even though I just started listening to his songs just the other day. I’m already hooked and amazed knowing that he writes his own songs.

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