Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Brother's Wedding

I know this has been late but I just want to share this wonderful moment happened in our family. A month ago my brother just got married to Jennifer Sanchez his co-catechist in the church and his long time girlfriend.

That day was so special not only for the couple but for all of us, their families. Especially in our side, it was first time to have a grand celebration like that and first time to have a member of the family gets married except for our parents.

The preparations for this event took so long and the wedding just took just for a day. I salute this couple because they didn’t even bug us for the preparations even in such a small details; they’re the one who prepared it all.

It was also my first time to be a bridesmaid although I’m not used to wear gowns. I did it just for my brother.

And the other day, news got me excited. Jennifer said that she’s 5 weeks pregnant and she’s scheduled to deliver the baby this January 2011. I’m so glad that I will be an Aunt soon, first time to have a niece/nephew. I really can’t wait for that day.