Saturday, May 29, 2010

American Idol: Lee Won! Simon Bids Farewell

Lee DeWyze was the newly crowned Season 9 American Idol. Lee was so overwhelmed when Ryan Seacrest announced his name as a winner. Such a closed fight between him and Crystal Bowersox with only 2% of votes gap. This rocker guy auditioned for American Idol last August 2009 in Chicago. And now being the new winner of this season, he already has a song that I’m sure will hit the airwaves soon. The song entitled “Beautiful Day” which he sang during the American Idol finale. We "beLEEve that DeWyze choice is Lee Dewyze to be the next American Idol".

But although it was a successful season, someone will be leaving the American Idol. This will be Simon’s last season after 9 years of being a judge in this popular reality show. We hated him, loved him and admired him and American Idol will never be the same again without Simon Cowell. He got emotional when the AI gave him a tribute and saw the past finalists and winners of the Idol. The reason behind his leaving was he will move on to the American version of “The X Factor” that will set to debut in 2011. Now, we’re all waiting and wondering who will replace Simon’s seat as a judge for American Idol?


  1. yes, i will miss him too, like i said AI will never be the same without Simon Cowell