Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unforgettable Jabbawockeez Experience

I really, really love the Jabbawockeez because of their unique style, breath taking stunts, synchronize moves and of course their masks. First time I saw them dance, I was amazed and I just can’t get enough of them, so we buy a CD of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 1 to watch all their performances. I also found out that 4 of them were Filipinos and you really can’t deny it because of their Filipino looks. From that time I became one of their millions of fans and hoping to see them perform live.

I start following them on twitter (@THE_WOCKEEZ) to know about their schedules and gigs. I always tweet them to come to the Philippines because their Filipino fans are waiting for them. That time they’re on NKOTB tour so all their tweets was all about that tour. But one day they tweeted that they will be going to the Philippines if they will hit 30k followers on twitter, this must be a challenge to their Filipino fans. They have only 15k followers that time so I told my officemates, friends and even the people who didn’t know them to follow them on twitter. I always monitor the number of their followers if how many followers are needed to hit the 30k mark. At last, they announced that they were on international tour their tour starts in Australia, then Philippines and Hawaii. I‘m so happy but I still don’t know the exact dates. So I’m still waiting for their updates on twitter. When they’re about to leave to start their international tour, they hit the 30k mark and they were so happy. I was listening to magic 89.9 I usually not paying attention to the radio commercials but when I heard the word “Jabbawockeez” I stopped and listen carefully to the commercial but I didn’t get the details. But my officemates also heard it and got the schedules of their shows. But still not so clear for us, so we waited again for the commercial and we made sure that we’ll get the full details.

The show will be in Trinoma, Alabang Town Center and Glorietta. We start calling all those malls for the details but no one can give any information yet. One week before the said show, Trinoma released leaflets for the Wockeez show and at the back of it are the mechanics on how to get a ticket. You must purchase an item worth 1500 pesos in any stores in Trinoma to get 2 tickets. In Glorietta and Town Center worth 1000 pesos equal to 1 ticket only but on Ayala cardholders they have different mechanics. So we decided to watch in Trinoma. We bought items in Landmark August 31, Sunday worth 1500 and the tickets can be claim Sept. 3. Because it was a first come first serve basis, on Sept. 3 we came there early waiting for the opening of the mall and made sure that were on the front of the line. Strategy wise, I was waiting in the entrance near the mrt station and my officemates were on the main entrance so whoever comes first to the ticket booth we’ll just hand our receipt. Honestly, we’re shaking and nervous that time because we’re not sure if we can get a tickets. Thank God all of us got a ticket.

But sadly that yellow ticket was for public viewing only and not applicable for meet and greet. We’re very disappointed on the system of Ayala malls because their priority are those A-card holders, those rich people and we don’t even know if they’re truly a Jabba fan. On their posters, it said that there’s a meet and greet after the show so we’re expecting that everyone who has a ticket have a chance to meet and greet the Jabbawockeez but there’s no chance. We’re also confused on the given tickets because there’s a number so we’re thinking if that was a seat number or it was also a first come first serve basis. So what we did was to come again early at around 10am and asked it on the concierge. The lady said that it was a first come first serve also so we sat first outside the Jollibee. The stage was already set up and we’re excited for the show. At around 2:00pm we already fall in line and waited until 6pm, in other words we’re in front of the line again. At around 4:30 the long wait was over, the Jabbawockeez arrived on the venue and greeted all their fans. Nonstop screaming and taking photos and videos. They did first the rehearsals and their formation on the stage. After that they got down from the stage and went to their fans. Because we’re in front of the line I took some good shots of them but I envied my officemate because she was able to shook hands all of them, she’s so lucky! But because I was star struck and can’t think of anything I forgot to take out my poster and made them sign on it.

At around 6pm we’re already on our seat and we thought we’re on the seat near the stage all of sudden the yellow tickets was only at the back seat and again we got pissed off. Those who were at the front seat were the relatives of the sponsors. The sponsors got all the front seats, we’re so mad. We asked some Ayala staff if they can remove the black cloth on the divider because we didn’t see the show unless we stand but there so many people behind us, but those staff didn’t even try to do anything. Even though we encountered so many problems to be in that show it paid off because of the amazing show of Jabbawockeez. After the show, there’s a meet and greet to those who have an orange stub and even though the people without an orange stub was begging to coordinators to have a photo with the Jabba, they didn’t gave them a chance. We were able to get near to the stage and look at them closer. I wrote a note if I can have their autograph on my poster. I know they saw it but maybe there’s an order for them to not entertain that kind of request. So we got contented looking at them and took some pictures while on the stage. I got home so sad because they weren’t able to sign my poster.

While on my way home, I’m still thinking if I will go to their next show in Town Center or not, so I asked for a sign. The sign I asked was if I got home and my mother wore a red dress I will go to Town Center. My mother wore a red dress and I decided to go to Town Center the next day. My sister got home early from work and she come with me. But still I’m so unlucky because there’s still no chance to land their signatures on my poster. They came late because of their appearance in Wowowee so they didn’t able to got down on stage and meet their fans. But I saw Chris asking some staff if they can still go and meet their fans but they didn’t allow him. I will not forget our experience in Town Center, the grinding, squeezing and bumping of bodies, so hard we even lose our last percent of our energy. It resulted to a body pain, I can’t even raised my arms or walk properly.

So the next day, I still want to go to Glorietta because it was their last show but still my body was aching. I just watched them in ASAP but that time I’m still undecided if I will go or not so I asked again for a sign, the sign I asked was if I receive a blank text message from my officemate until 3pm I’ll go but there’s no text message came. I’m still thinking if how their show is going on, if they will leave the country immediately after show that was the questions on my mind that time.

The other day I wasn’t able to go to work because my body still hurts and I had only 1 hour of sleep if I’ll go to work so I decided to be absent. But at around 2:30pm this was the shocking moment of my life. My officemates texted me and said that they saw Ben and Chris in Glorietta shopping and they had a picture with Ben. I’ll just breakdown and cry and asking myself why I wasn’t able to go to work that day. I can’t move on and still thinking the possibilities and consequences of the decisions I made. The next day I’m still thinking if what if I go to work that day and also saw them but it also comes to my mind that it was not meant to be or not destined to happen. I just learned my lesson now. But even if I’m disappointed I’m still thankful that they visited the Philippines and I was able to see them. This was my Jabbawockeez experience. Hope to see them again soon. I’m forever Jabbawockeez fan!

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