Sunday, July 11, 2010


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I always was a fan of volleyball. I love watching volleyball competition on television like the Shakey’s V-league and UAAP, of course I’m cheering for my school. This is the only sport that I know the basic rules and which I play. I learned how to play volleyball when I was in high school as part of our PE class. Same as in college, my friends and I took up volleyball class over basketball. Now, I’m chosen to be a part of the volleyball team of our group in the company. I insisted to be part of it because I know that I’m not good and I just know how to play but I don’t want to compete. But my supervisor still included me on the list. I have no choice but to accept that I’m already included. It’s been a long time since I played volleyball and in our first practice my hands and arms were sore until now. My volleyball practice sucks, did you know that I have hit two of my teammates on the head on my service and I really didn’t hit the ball correctly. Sometimes I avoid the ball because I’m afraid that I might get hit. I hope I get better on the next practice and we have only 2 weeks to practice before the competition. I have trust with my teammates and I know that they can pull it off, no need for me to be in the game and its ok with me to be a bench warmer or a cheerer. This sport really needs focus, confidence and always keep your head on the game and I’m still working on it.


  1. yey! congrats.. sorry i didn't watch ur game last saturday but i heard u win the second game.. go go go gurl. don't listen to those bastards who have nothing worthy to tell..papansin lng sila..d sila mapansin eh..hehehe