Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Visit to Barangay LSFM 97.1

Yesterday, July 17, Friday, we went to LSFM 97.1, a local radio station here in the Philippines. We’re an avid fan of their radio shows like “Talk to Papa” and “Wanted Sweetheart”. We also want to see our favorite DJs in person, we’re curious on how they look behind these beautiful voices. Even though it’s raining very hard, me together with my 2 workmates didn’t hesitate to go.

After our work, we immediately went there and arrived at exactly 3:30pm. We saw Mr. Mike Enriquez first, a popular radio announcer and broadcaster. When he entered the room, the only word that goes out to our mouth was the word “Sir”, he heard us, looked at us and smiled.

After that, it was time for us to face the DJs. At first we’re shy to enter the booth, no one wanted to take the first step and we’re a bit hesitant to go. But someone accompanied us to the booth and called the attention of the DJs, thanks to her. Papa Dan, as being naughty in person as he was on the radio, introduced us to other DJs but mentioning other DJs name. Of course, we didn’t believe him because we know all their names, he just fooling us. We sat on the sofa and kind a star struck on the DJs in front of us. We couldn’t believe that we’re there on the booth together with the people whom we admired.

Papa Dudut was doing a program when we entered the booth but still he waved at us and said hi! Mama Belle was in front of the computer and doing some facebook thing, but she also smiled at us and said hi. Papa Bear was on the booth also and greet us but he left the room because of some important things to do. And then there was Papa Dan, he’s the one who interviewed us, asked our names, where we work, where we live and we just answered and looked at him. No offense to other DJs but I think Papa Dan was the most handsome and have the most interesting personality among them (Peace).

They were so kind to us, very accommodating and you feel very at home. Comfortable to talk with, very approachable and they truly show the importance of their fans. They don’t hesitate to talk to their fans and you will feel that they’re just like an ordinary person, doing a bonding moment to their friends although they know that they are already popular.

To treasure that moment, we took some pictures together with the DJs. We also asked for the stickers and they signed it. It was a good day for me; we have plans of coming back to meet the other DJs. They are very great in their craft. They are the most amazing people or I’d rather say celebrity I’ve ever met.

Thanks to Mama Belle, Papa Bear, Papa Dudut and Papa Dan for making us feel very special when we’re there. We love you; continue to give happiness to the people and give some pieces of advice. Keep up the good work and hoping for a long more years of service. Barangay LSFM 97.1 Ayos Gyud!

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